Gerhard Krippner
Dipl. -Betriebswirt (FH) • Wirtschaftsprüfer • Steuerberater

our services - auditing

Mandatory and voluntary audits     

  • Audits of annual accounts for enterprises of all legal forms   
  • Audits of opening balances, interim balances and final balances for mandatory or other reasons

Mandatory and voluntary special audits     

  • Foundation audits   
  • Due Diligence Review  
  • Plausibility expert opinion   
  • Audits of budgetary, investment and costs accounting   
  • Audits of excessive indebtedness   
  • Audits according to the German Act on the Law of Real Estate Agents and Commercial Contractors (MaBV)

Evaluation of enterprises and enterprise parts     

  • as a neutral expert   
  • as consultant of the buyer or seller in case of subjective evaluation   
  • as arbitrator expert in the position of a mediator

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