Gerhard Krippner
Dipl. -Betriebswirt (FH) • Wirtschaftsprüfer • Steuerberater

our services - private taxes and assets

Declaration of private income     

  • Preparing income tax returns   
  • Application of non-assessment certificates

Projections/simulations for the private asset planning and financing     

  • Statement of private assets   
  • Simulation of the asset development (e.g. for early retirement, advance donation, last will or marriage contract)   
  • Simulation of financing (for example when purchasing real estate)   
  • Analyses of assets and liquid assets

Consultation and declaration when transferring company assets through donation or inheritance     

  • Consultation and tax organization with enterprise succession and the anticipated succession   
  • Creation of gift tax returns   
  • Creation of inheritance tax returns

Audits of tax assessments and other administrative acts

Consultation for tax planning of individuals

Collaboration in taxation field audits

Consultation for private pension schemes  

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